I believe in YOUR greatness...

I am a Christian, a husband, a Conservative, a Republican, a small business owner, and a proud resident of Lebanon, Ohio.

Just like you, I have a deep passion for my country, my state, and my local community. As the proud American-born son of two legal Jamaican immigrants who came to this country seeking their American Dreams, I was instilled at an early age with a special appreciation for the greatness of America.

That appreciation inspired me to attend law school, become an entrepreneur, and get involved in local grassroots advocacy. That appreciation also gives me a strong desire to promote and defend our United States Constitution, along with the Three Pillars of American Exceptionalism: limited government, individual liberty, and economic freedom.

Those three exceptional ideals are responsible for America's greatness, and at their foundation rests the simple but profound principle that each of us possesses the inherent God-given right to direct his or her own destiny. Our greatness is powered by God and shines through from within the individual, not from within the individual’s government. YOU are the beacon of America's greatness.

That is why there is no larger threat to our human potential than that which is posed by the overbearing weight of a big tyrannical system that seeks to crush our rights and liberties under the weight of totalitarianism. If your liberties are crushed then so is your potential, and so is our nation's potential.

To guard against this, each of us, as free people, must choose to unite under the shared cause of protecting our own individual pursuits of happiness.

This is how our Creator gives us greatness, how our Constitution protects our greatness, and how we can unify to ensure that our greatness carries on.
Limited Government
Government exists to do for us what we cannot privately do for ourselves or for each other. Government is essential, but it is also essential that government does not trample the very people it is meant to serve.
Individual Liberty
Each of us is created, from conception, as special and unique individuals with certain inalienable rights. We recognize that those rights proudly belong to us and are not handed down by any person or institution.
Economic Freedom
We should have control over our own property, our own finances, and our own success. Economic power should always rest with the People, not with public bureaucrats and not with crony corporate interests.